Maxi Molina Juan



Game Dev For Hire

· Creative Director

· Casting Director

· Voice Director

· Art Director

· 2D Artist

· Writer – Editor

· Comic Colorist

· Actor

· Confidence Coach



Directing your Dreams


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Get a stellar cast for your game and make the most out of it!



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Creative & Art


A bold artistic vision that will set your game apart at one glance!



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“Maxi is the connoisseur’s answer to a project’s needs; passion and professionalism are intertwined under their banner. As an actor, you know that the work you’re doing means something. You are a part of something great and you can tell as soon as you have that first conversation.”

Stan “Stanpai” Morris

Voice Actor

“We wouldn’t have been able to reach the best of our work without Maxi, having an always impressive array of skills, expertise and sheer drive that we could rely upon that made it a joy to work with them.”


Ruairí Rodinson

Rho Labyrinths Founder

“I love working with Maxi! Their vibrant style really brings the characters of my game to life. They also used their experience to help improve communication between art and non-art members of the team, which I really appreciated.”

Els White

Writer | Narrative designer – Spider Lily Studios

Maxi Molina Contact Info:

For business inquiries or interviews, please contact me exclusively through email.

Email: thehayseedknight(at)gmail(dot)com

Twitter: @MaxiMJdev

Twitch: @MaxiMJdev

Patreon: @MaxiMJdev

LinkedIn: maxi-molina-juan