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Alicante, Spain

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Dec 8th, 1995



Better call (me) Maxi!

Though I’ve done business extensively as “SandraMJdev” or “Sandra ‘Maxi’ Molina” in the past, I’ve become well-known enough as Maxi that I’d like to use “Maxi Molina” as a business name exclusively moving forward!

About Me

Maxi Molina Juan is a Spanish 28-year-old freelance Game Director, Voice Director and Casting Director, Art Director, 2D Artist, Writer, Script Editor and retired Comic Colorist and English – Spanish translator with over 10 years of experience working across different artistic industries.


Previous clients include major companies such as Blizzard, DC Comics and Dark Horse, as well as a wealth of indie game companies, including Akupara Games and Strange Scaffold.


Voice Direction is their favorite role, and they have experience providing casting and vocal direction services in English, Spanish, Japanese and Catalan.


Maxi is the creator and sole developer of The Hayseed Knight, a gorgeously animated and fully voice acted Visual Novel that you can play on Steam or!​




Career Overview

My career started early —far too early— before I was even done with highschool, at the age of 17. I never went to college, since by the time I was 18 I was working on Game of Thrones’s comic adaptation. By 19, I was in DC Comics coloring Batman, and by 20 I had worked on several Blizzard IPs, and even Tarzan for Dark Horse.

By the time I was 21, instead of continuing a stellar ascension in the comics industry, I managed to injure my wrist in a permanent way. Rather than force myself to be miserable through the pain continuing the only job I’d known, I decided to turn a new page and start working on my own game, The Hayseed Knight.

The quality of its art, voice acting and narrative spoke for itself, and ever since, I’ve been working directing games for other development teams!


You can see my general resume in pdf form clicking here or heading over to LinkedIn for an always up-to-date summary.


But just to get the gist of it:



  • 7 years of experience working as Voice Director and Casting Director for several indie studios.
    Experience providing casting and direction services in English, Spanish, Japanese and Catalan.

(Akupara Games, Hibernian Workshop, MaxiMJdev, Grimorio of Games, Happy Broccoli Games…)



  • 3 years working as Game Director and Creative Director, overseeing the entire production of a game.

(MaxiMJdev, Rho Labyrinths)



  • 6 years working as ​Art Director for indie studios, overseeing the production of graphical assets and managing artists.

(MaxiMJdev, Rho Labyrinths)



  • 6 years working as 2D artist​ for indie studios, providing graphical assets.

(Strange Scaffold, MaxiMJdev, Rho Labyrinths, Spider Lily Studios)



  • 8  years working as a Comic Book ​Colorist ​across several major companies (DBA as “Sandra Molina Juan”.)
    Full list of clients on ComicVine.

(DC Comics, Blizzard, Valiant, Dark Horse…)